Thursday, June 30, 2011

Used to It

"Colonel Brandon is the sort of honorable man everyone speaks highly of, but no one remembers to talk to."

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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Another shot to his spine, a strike to his heart, driving him to the mat
He gets back up
Dust in his throat, vain panting cracks his lips, gasping for another second of relief
He gets back up
Joints grinding tight, they encumber his efforts, taungting his will to fight
He gets back up
Pain runs like lightening, rakes his limbs, makes sluggish his senses
He gets back up
Ringing in his ears, static in his mind that bloodies his sight
He gets back up
Blackness creeps into his heart, Fear screams for him to quit
He gets back up
Focusing on the rage before him, stemming a break, he finds one more moment
And He gets back up
Once again, and then another
Listening to the story in his gut, like pushing a blackened stone back
Into the wall, the pain is pushed into the recess of his savaged heart
Offering one more stand of resistance, a resolve of tempered faith
He gets back up.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Your crisp smile cuts past my guard
Like molten fire that pours right through me
Flickers of desire hidden in some deep, forgotten layer
Feeling of your intensity shrouded beneath ecstasy
Eyes that dance and betray their meaning
Lips that trick me into a calm serenity
Relaxed, drenched in the tranquilityof your sweet, sparkling gaze.
The yearning and wanting; It’s not what you think
Desiring to know a trait, habit, or fear
Wanting everything; all to yourself
As your eyes look through my own
The window into all that I know.
Vulnerable and dependant
Your gaze burns deep into my heart
From which I can't seem to hide
It sees all those hidden thoughts, And every emotion clear
Through your cool, and absolute eyes.


having someone or something that matters to you more than yourself
makes it easy sometimes when you have that right inspiration for the words
that echo the marks on your heart

...the harder part is knowing if your words matter to the one you love
whether your actions, your feelings, your presence matters when you are not around
or whether it is all just noise in your head, a song sung to an empty wind that no one else hears

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I'm a caring & compassionate man. Not without flaws, I hope that people at least see me as a good man. But there are some men and maybe even some women whose actions should earn them a blunt end brought on by a boot heel to the throat.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Oldie reborn and in need of work...

Those charming sparkling eyes and captivating lips
Stop my heart and make me flush in an instant.
Her simplistic beautiful manner and graceful whispers
Take my breath away, leaving my chest tight.
I struggle to think, react to her innocent remarks
Every fiber strains against the desires
To express my cares, my feelings, my worth
To hold her close, brush her cheek and kiss her gently
Show her, for once, true and unconditional love.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Again..something to work on

Having broken their bodies and shields against the walls
The knights of St. John stood with renewed hearts and
Uncluttered minds, Washed clean of worry and fears